Game feeders are essential components of a game management system. They help provide beneficial nutrients to your herd even if the surrounding habitat doesn't. Wildlife feeders will also draw game into the open for hunting or observation.

Whatever your intention for game feeders, you need a reliable, high-quality product that provides easy access to food while withstanding the wear and tear of nature. That's why Moultrie offers a wide selection of affordable wildlife feeders for sale.

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  • Wild game and deer feeders: We have tripod, hanging, directional, and gravity feeders. Each type of feeder distributes feed in different ways from hoppers (constructed of metal, polymer, or fabric) that come in various sizes to fit whatever capacity of feed you need.
  • Fish feeders: The Fish & Deer 30-Gallon Quick-Lock Directional Feeder is a great option when you need to keep feeder fish nourished. Set it up pondside or on a dock, or use the feeder when you need to broadcast along a narrow path.
  • Ranch Series: Introduced in 2023, the Ranch Series is a heavy-duty, multifunctional line of feeders that can be used for both wildlife and domestic livestock. Whether you're feeding chickens, sheep, and more, or finishing cattle, the Ranch Series feeders offer durability needed for everyday use. A highlight of the Ranch Series is the Auger Feeder Kit, which gives you even more versatility to accommodate various types of feed.
  • Feeder Kits: The heart of any Moultrie feeder, we have broadcast, directional, gravity, and auger feeder kits (or motors, whatever you may call them) for multiple feed types throughout the year. Options include plastic or metal broadcast spin plates, simple gravity-style ports, and more. Other than our gravity kits, all kits feature ports for external power sources.


Looking for your perfect Moultrie feeder to help you manage your local wildlife population? Browse our entire product inventory, or feel free to contact us for assistance.