Moultrie's wildlife attractants can help you bring in animals to your location for hunting, to capture, trail cam images and more. Moultrie carries a variety of attractants, including for deer, bears, and hogs, to help hunters like you gain an edge. Explore all of our liquid, granular, drip bag, and spray attractants today!

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Benefits of Wildlife Attractants and How to Use Them

Using wildlife attractants is simple. Our unique blends of attractants emit specific smells that attract animals to a site. When continually using an attractant in the same location, it can become a great place to hunt. You can set up cameras to scout animals and study their patterns to gain knowledge that will prove helpful when hunting.

For instance, you can watch a buck that comes to your site and note what time he's coming and where it enters from as well as where it goes when it leaves. This intelligence can assist you when you begin hunting.

Types of Wildlife Attractants

We carry a range of wildlife attractants with specialized formulas that will help you attract the game you want to your site. Our attractants include:

Get Your Hunting Attractants From Moultrie

Moultrie has been an innovator in the industry for years, with cutting-edge hunting technologies that can help you reach your goals. Our products live up to our high standards. If you want to improve your hunting experience, browse our products and order your hunting attractants today.